​This Beer Will Drive You Bananas!

In Dublin

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​This Beer Will Drive You Bananas!

I’m man enough to admit that I have an affinity for fruity drinks. There I said it. I also drink Scotch on a regular basis, so back off! Most men scoff at the thought of fruit flavoured beers, but I personally enjoy most of them. I especially enjoy black and blues, which is half Guinness and half blueberry beer. I had one of these just last week in a lovely bar in Dublin named ‘Bad Bobs’. If you guys ever visit the Temple Bar area in Dublin, this place is a must-go! Anyway, where was I…Oh yes! So, when I see a weird beer at the off sales, I like to give it a fair shot. The other night I saw a beer that I’d never seen before in my life. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… Wells Banana Bread Beer!

I can hear some of you groaning already, so hear me out. I brought it up to the counter and asked the shop keep if it was any good and he replied with an emphatic “YES”. He also recommended that I mix it with Brooklyn Chocolate Lager. I took his advice and purchased a single bottle of the choco-lager.

I did as I was instructed and mixed the two beers, the same way you would a black and tan (using a spoon). There was a problem though… the consistency of the choco lager was much heavier than that of a Guinness. Rather than float wonderfully at the top of the glass, leaving the two beers perfectly separated, the result was a completely muddled mixture of the two. It was a black and black. Upon tasting the concoction, I immediately noticed that the Brooklyn Chocolate completely overpowered the banana beer. Luckily though, I still had half a bottle of banana beer left. I decided to drink it straight and it was delicious! I was shocked!

Yes, it tasted like bananas. Yes, it tasted like beer. No, it tasted nothing like banana bread. Yes, it was delicious. I think if I had used Young’s Chocolate Stout in lieu of the Brooklyn Lager, the chocolate banana would have turned out much better. Rest assured, I will be attempting this experiment again.