Dressing For Dinner - Tasty Salad Dressings For The Christmas Season


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Irish Cider Vinegar
This is the vinegar made from the fermentation and maturation of the juice of fresh apples. The Apple Farm in Cahir, Tippperary, produces a range of cider vinegars for your salad dressings. The initial process involves creating a cider with around 6% alcohol. Then a vinegar ‘mother’ or ‘culture’ is added, which converts the alcohol to acid. It takes a little while to complete the process, but the end produce is a delicious natural cider vinegar full of the flavour of Irish apples. The Armagh Cider Company also produces cider vinegar from the company’s own delicious apples, grown in the Orchard County.

Country Choice Salad Dressings
Peter and Mary Ward of Country Choice scour Ireland and Europe for the best oils to make a great salad dressing. From Italy, they have sourced a range of extra virgin olive oils which will do any dressing proud. You’ll also find Irish cider vinegars, Irish apple balsamic vinegar and continental wine vinegars here.