DIY Holiday: Three Stylish Ways to Decorate with Wreaths


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This holiday season, we’re filling up your stockings with DIY to spark your creativity as you get your home holiday-ready. In case you missed it, make sure to check out the first — our Holiday Style Guide!

Besides being totally gorgeous, every wreath we sell is handcrafted and sourced from eco-friendly farms. Check out these three awesome and adorable wreath displays and learn how to incorporate them into your seasonal décor, no matter your style.

Tip #1: Window Shopping

Not only does this tip give you a seasonal sight you and your guests can enjoy, but people driving or walking will be saying “Holiday-um!” at this joyful idea.

To float your Bouqs wreath in your window, all you’ll need are a few props:

  • Your favorite wreath
  • A tension rod
  • Fishing line
  • Scissors
  • A step ladder (for tall windows)

Wreath In Window 2

Step 1: Be sure to by the proper size tension rod for your window’s width. Install the tension rod at the top of the window. Bonus tip: Wrap the rod in one of our holiday garlands to hide the rod and add a little more life to the display.

Wreath In Window 3

Step 2: Wrap fishing line around the center of the rod and attach it to the top of your wreath. Once you settle on a hang height for your wreath, cut the extra line and discard.

Wreath In Window 4

Step 3: Use ribbon, strips of burlap, or your favorite material to cover the fishing line, or don’t cover it at all for a “floating” look.

Tip #2: Deck the Walls

If you love mixing and matching or simply can’t have enough green in your home, then this is the tip for you. Go full-on lush and create your very own “wreath wall.”

Wreath Wall 2

(Pictured, left to right: Noel wreath, Thankful wreath, Abundance wreath, Warmth wreath, and Woodland wreath)

After choosing your wreaths (we get it, we can’t pick a favorite either!) hang them to create a farm-fresh gallery wall! Pro tip: Nail down your layout by cutting butcher paper and hanging it where each wreath will go.

Tip #3: Try a New Spot

The best part of DIY-ing is getting to experiment and do something new. Play with tradition by displaying a holiday wreath somewhere unexpected. You can spread the cheer throughout your home and add a touch of style to areas like the bathroom that tend to get neglected this time of year.

Unexpected Places 2

(Pictured: Woodland wreath)

Unexpected Places 1

(Pictured: Abundance wreath)

Unexpected Places 3

(Pictured: Woodland wreath)

And there you have it, a beautiful holiday wreath display!

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