Bring On The Chocolate This Christmas!


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Lorge Chocolatier, Co Kerry
The original O'Connor's shop and post office, located on the side of the road at Bonane, Co Kerry, about 10km from Kenmare, is now Lorge Chocolatier, a boutique chocolate shop and production venue, owned and run by French chocolate maker Benoit Lorge. Ben, originally from Lorraine in France, creates unique and individual handmade chocolates.

He made the jump from working as a top pastry chef abroad to concentrate on chocolate making several years ago, after using the quiet winter months in Kerry to produce chocolates to raise money for local charities. Demand was huge and his work soon developed a fine reputation among food lovers and connoisseurs.

Ben’s chocolates are among the most beautiful and exceptional in the chocolate making world. So exquisite is his touch, you won’t know whether to eat his works of art or gaze at them admiringly. You’ll probaby do the latter before temptation gets the better of you!